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Let’s dive right in! I have worked on myself, both the inside and out, and feel like I will soon be ready to take on the entire world!
Now, mind you, I am a huge fan of playing at ANY and EVERY event that I am given the chance to play, be it because of the actual venue, the region of the world, or the people. Hell, sometimes it is because of the shopping, I won’t lie. And while there are truly no favorite golf tournaments in my opinion, there are several places I will be visiting that just pretty much blow my socks off, be it my first or tenth visit.

5.France/United Kingdom
Every year the LPGA visits these two stunning countries to play in the Evian Masters and the Ladies’ British Open. The regions are amazing, with the Evian Masters on a course that overlooks Lake Geneva, and this year the LBWO is in the north of England, at Royal Birkdale Golf Club, located between Liverpool and Manchester. Every year I visit Europe, and every year I leave with a greater appreciation for the region. The food, the culture. It’s amazing… Also, like all the other foreign countries we visit, the players get to know one another in a new light. Friendships are formed, or strengthened, and there is always some mischief that takes place.

4 Thailand/Singapore
Exotic. Hot. Balmy. Lush. Spicy. Anything and everything you can imagine a place like faraway Southeast Asia to be, only shadows the magic and beauty of the area. I love traveling to places like Thailand and Singapore, where the sun beats down on your skin, where the air covers you in a sweet and glistening layer of sweat and humidity, and adventure is just a car ride away. Last year I rode an elephant, and I also saw Jason Mraz in concert. It was an amazingly exotic region, and I might try to visit the area a few days early and go scuba diving in Bali. What adventures await for me this year, no one knows.

3 Dubai
Seven-star hotels, some of the world’s finest dining, sheiks, belly dancers, camel back rides at sunset, (in my case, anyway) a driver available 24/7 with his BMW 750li, awesome clubs, beautiful people of every shade, and incredible shopping. The architecture of the buildings, both inside and out, is unreal. After visiting places like Rome, where the ancient architecture would take my breath away at every instant, the modern architectural designs of nearly every high rise building in Dubai makes me appreciate the science behind every structure. So much, in fact, that when I go back to school (which I plan on doing), I want to get a degree in architectural design.. Standing at the brink of an untouched and pure piece of Earth has never been more apparent to me than when I drove from my resort to the deserts of the Middle East in a matter of minutes. The starkness in which the modern-day world can be removed is astounding. The silence is deafening, and you can feel the beat of the Earth in the sands. Oh, and the golf and hospitality of everyone is unsurpassed! Everyone smiles, and being treated like a superstar is not a bad perk, either…

2. Australia-Sorry, no photo insert here yet. This year, I will have experienced my first trip to Aus, and I can not wait! The Ladies European Tour hosts tournaments in Aus every year, and since I have gained membership, I decided it’s a mere 8 hour flight to Brisbane from Singapore, so why not?! I anticipate seeing kangaroos, frolicking on the beach, listening to accents, and falling in love with the region, as I always do when I come across a new place. Oh, and seeing the toilets flush is it COUNTER clockwise down there? I can’t recall.
1. JAMAICA-I am biased. I love the tropics, anything exotic, anything close to waters for me to snorkel and scuba dive (when I become certified, anyway), and I love reggae music. The vibe I get from what I expect the people to be like draws me, with a very soothing, relaxed, and fun-loving attitude. Oh, and the fact that I am going to be taking part of the MOJO 6 is waaaaaay cool. It is a new, innovative golf tournament, with Raceway golf format, excitement, pure energy, and a new perspective on golf and the LPGA. I personally believe that this tournament is going to help the LPGA make leaps and bounds. I love to push boundaries and forge into something new, especially when I am involved with it personally and have faith in it, and I truly think that the Mojo 6 Tournament is the way of the future of golf entertainment. Golfertainment, if you will. Again, no pics, I’m afraid to say. I will be making the trip over, though, and can not wait to share every exciting, thrilling moment with you all.

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